Video Production


My stills work over the years have taught me the important skills in terms of lighting and composition. As a stills photographer your eye is trained to capture one moment in time where that one shot has to tell an entire story. You have to have an acute attention to detail as that one shot is going to be viewed sometimes for minutes by your audience. It is with these skills that I have moved into shooting moving images. I find it so liberating that I can now tell a story with the collection of images, sound and editing techniques, tools that can make a project come alive. No project is too big or small, and where necessary I will bring in a larger crew to assist with a project that demands it.

Cell C

Afrisam , who were commissioned by Group 5 to supply cement for the construction of the new Cell C building , asked me to record the process of the build  . A combination of traditional videography and drone footage over a period of 2 years gives one a wonderful impression of this process

Palazzo hotel

The use of a drone and a slider creates a wonderful sense of movement and depth as opposed to a flatter image produced by a static camera