Drone Work

Drones and How They Work

I have invested an enormous amount of money developing a highly professional drone that enables me to do aerial stills and videography. Utilising a drone gives me the ability to shoot from very privileged perspectives, unrivalled by any other platform, which can add huge value to a production in terms of its look and feel. I can work as a one man operation, or when required as a two man team, whereby one gets a drone pilot and a camera operator who manages the camera by means of a video feed to a screen on the ground.

I fly a heavy lift Octocopter Drone which supports a 3 axis gyro stabilized gimbal and can lift a Black Magic pocket camera alternatively the large Canon 5D camera.

Drone Work

A drone has many advantages over traditional aerial photography from a helicopter . The cost of shooting from a drone is a fraction of what it be should you hire a helicopter . Drones are a lot smaller than a helicopter and hence are able to fly in tighter spaces without the accompanied rotor . Being closer to your subject we are able to use wider angled lenses and get very dramatic perpectives of the area that we are shooting .

Auto and General building

C & C glass provided all the glass for the Auto and General building at Steyn City . Amazing spires project into the sky , all made from glass . Drone footage was the best way to bring out these beautiful facets